Administrative Law

Our lawyers also have a wealth of experience in court and appellate proceedings involving the interpretation of Administrative Law statutes or legal principles. In formulating and recommending legal strategies to our clients, we are open about the risks of proposed litigation and are always prepared to discuss, in advance, the realistic costs of litigation so that budgets can be established – and adhered to. Cohen Highley’s Administrative Law lawyers have accumulated a wealth of experience in most Administrative Law disciplines. In particular, Cohen Highley lawyers have experience in the following Administrative Law disciplines:

  • Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law
  • Environmental Law, Energy Law, Agricultural Law
  • Expropriation Law, Municipal Law, Land Use Planning & Development Law
  • Residential Tenancies Law, Property Tax Law, Condominium Law
  • Divisional Court, Ontario Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court of Canada Advocacy, Appellate Tribunal appeals

The field of administrative law encompasses a broad range of legal practice; however, there are common principles shared across the spectrum of administrative law disciplines. As most administrative law issues are rooted in governmental agencies or the exercise of governmental powers, the legal issues are often sophisticated, complex, and the solutions can be elusive. Cohen Highley’s legal advisors have the experience and expertise to apply administrative law principles to our clients’ legal problems and to provide realistic solutions to complex problems.


We can help you:

  • Understand the governmental decision-making process and the legal issues that may confront you as you exercise rights or seek remedies under Administrative Law statutes;
  • Use provincial and federal Statutes effectively to secure rights, privileges and remedies which are available to corporations or citizens;
  • Develop and implement strategies within the rules prescribed by governmental agencies to successfully achieve personal or corporate goals;
  • Understand when your expectations of a particular government agency are unrealistic or inappropriate;
  • Navigate through government red tape and expedite the governmental decision making process and, if necessary, force the government to exercise its powers in accordance with law;
  • Respond to governmental action effectively, quickly and responsibly;
  • Formulate strategies to secure fundamental rights under the Charter or under a variety of provincial and federal Statutes;
  • Develop litigation and negotiation strategies in the context of a wide range of federal and provincial Statutes;
  • Understand and work with a myriad of governmental regulations in a way that will enhance, rather than encumber, your business interests.

Our experience in most aspects of Administrative Law advocacy enables us to assess and plan cases expeditiously and effectively. Each provincial and federal tribunal possesses unique and complex areas of jurisdiction. At Cohen Highley you retain lawyers with expertise in a broad range of tribunal and regulatory statutes. Extensive knowledge of the court system, a variety of Administrative Law statutes and familiarity with the Rules, practice and procedure of a myriad of boards and tribunals allows us to provide our clients with a range of options and solutions to Administrative Law problems.

Our legal research, case preparation and oral advocacy skills allow us to ensure your case is properly and fully argued before tribunals, Courts and appellate bodies. We prepare our clients and witnesses carefully. We work hard to cultivate the respect of the court, opposing counsel and the tribunals we appear before.

Cohen Highley legal counsel have argued and established a broad range of important legal precedents now relied on by Courts, boards and tribunals within the field of Administrative Law.


Our Administrative Law Counsel have gained experience in Administrative Law matters by developing expertise with clients; through active involvement with industry organizations; through publication of important articles, books and presentations; through presentations at community, industry and professional Education programs; and through forceful and successful advocacy for clients. We attend Continuing Legal Education programs; municipal and industry functions; and we continue to participate in specialized programs relating to Administrative Law and regulatory matters.

Our clients include prominent corporations; disadvantaged individuals; governmental agencies; private citizens and municipalities.

We interact with other lawyers at Cohen Highley who provide solicitors’ services in connection with the drafting of contracts and development agreements, corporate legal services, general litigation services; and Employment Law services. Together, our lawyers offer our Administrative Law clients a full range of quality, professional legal services.

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Legal Assistant: Valerie Potter (, ext. 360) Paul practises in the firm’s administrative law group with an emphasis on representing property owners in connection with residential tenancies law, municipal planning and zoning, and municipal property assessment appeals.  Paul graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from Brock University. Paul has obtained his paralegal license designation…

Laura practises in the area of administrative law, including condominium, residential tenancies,municipal, planning and zoning, expropriations, and property tax and accessibility law. Laura is a member and active contributor to numerous condominium, development and housing industry organizations.

Joe's main areas of practice include residential tenancies, municipal planning and zoning, expropriations, and property tax assessment appeals. Joe has a wealth of litigation experience before a variety of boards, tribunals, and appellate courts. He is author of "A Practical Guide to the Tenant Protection Act".

Kristin's practice focuses on residential and commercial tenancies, human rights, condominium law and appellate advocacy. She works exclusively for housing providers and landlords with respect to all lease issues. Kristin regularly speaks at property management conferences and teaches human rights training courses to landlords and property managers.

Mark practises in the firm's administrative law department, including condominium law, residential tenancies, municipal law, planning and zoning, expropriations and provincial offences.

Jessica’s practice focuses on civil litigation. Jessica graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of Windsor, and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2019. 

John practices civil litigation, including personal injury, medical malpractice, commercial litigation, estate litigation and insurance law. He also assists health professionals with administrative law matters such as responding to college investigations and disciplinary proceedings.