Real Property Legal Services

For some people, land is a commodity to be bought and traded for profit. For others, land has an intangible connection to an owner like a cottage, farm or home that has been in the family for decades. At Cohen Highley LLP, we recognize that each parcel of land, like its owners, has its own features, history and characteristics. We have the experience however, to handle transactions, disputes and issues that arise from the ownership, sale, leasing, financing, development or construction on real property. We have decades of experience doing so. Our experienced lawyers at Cohen Highley LLP have assisted clients in subdividing their lands and developing property. We act for individuals, partnerships, corporations and property management companies. We have extensive experience dealing with municipalities, conservation authorities, other regulatory bodies and levels of government on issues affecting real property, including expropriation, building code issues, land use applications, property assessments, commercial and residential tenancy issues.

Real property litigation and advocacy covers a wide spectrum of potential claims: everything from ownership and use of land through development, sale, leasing, financing and construction. At Cohen Highley LLP, we have an extensive track record in all aspects of legal disputes involving such claims.