Regulatory Boards and Tribunals Services

Our dedicated team of legal professionals doesn’t just meet the standard, they set the standard.

Our lawyers represent clients before a broad range of governmental boards and tribunals. Legal services include dialogue on behalf of clients with administrative staff of government agencies to facilitate and expedite regulatory approvals and to ensure clients obtain their full entitlements under applicable government regulations. The members of this group also provide advice regarding compliance with regulatory requirements, regulatory orders, hearings and appeals (including applications and appeals to the courts), regulatory investigations, and defence of quasi-criminal prosecutions.

We can help you:

  • Understand the governmental decision-making process and the legal issues that may confront you as you exercise rights or seek remedies under Administrative Law statutes;
  • Use provincial and federal Statutes effectively to secure rights, privileges and remedies which are available to corporations or citizens;
  • Develop and implement strategies within the rules prescribed by governmental agencies to successfully achieve personal or corporate goals;
  • Understand when your expectations of a particular government agency are unrealistic or inappropriate;
  • Navigate through government red tape and expedite the governmental decision making process and, if necessary, force the government to exercise its powers in accordance with law;
  • Respond to governmental action effectively, quickly and responsibly;
  • Formulate strategies to secure fundamental rights under the Charter or under a variety of provincial and federal Statutes;
  • Develop litigation and negotiation strategies in the context of a wide range of federal and provincial Statutes;
  • Understand and work with a myriad of governmental regulations in a way that will enhance, rather than encumber, your business interests.

Our legal research, case preparation and oral advocacy skills allow us to ensure your case is properly and fully argued before tribunals, Courts and appellate bodies.  We prepare our clients and witnesses carefully.  We work hard to cultivate the respect of the court, opposing counsel and the tribunals we appear before.

Cohen Highley legal counsel have argued and established a broad range of important legal precedents now relied on by Courts, boards and tribunals within the field of Administrative Law.