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At the end of a relationship, navigating what happens next doesn’t have to be overwhelming or adversarial. Mediation is a voluntary process that can help resolve family disputes through collaboration, without needing to engage in costly court proceedings.

Mediation is best suited for couples with no significant power imbalance, who want to negotiate a fair deal on their own terms outside of the Courts. During this process, both parties (and their counsel, if retained) work with a neutral Mediator to come to an agreement that works best for their unique circumstances. Mediation can be used for one specific issue, or many outstanding concerns, regarding the dissolution of a relationship. Mediation is controlled by the parties involved, not by a Judge or Adjudicator.

Services Offered During Full-Day Mediation:

  • Negotiating and finalizing parenting time and decision-making authority
  • Determining the equalization of family property
  • Calculating child and/or spousal support
  • Creating a legally binding Separation Agreement, or Parenting Agreement

Why Choose Mediation?

  • Privacy– Decisions made will remain between you and your former partner, they will not be searchable on Google or CanLII
  • Control– You get to resolve your family law issues, on your own terms. The parties decide the outcome, not a judge
  • Flexibility– Greater amount of creativity can be used to resolve disputes than would be possible in a courtroom
  • Scope– Mediation can resolve issues that courts will often avoid, such as custody of pets
  • Time– Mediation could occur immediately, depending on the availability of the mediator, whereas it can take over a year to even be scheduled for a trial, especially post-COVID19
  • Cost– Because you aren’t paying hourly for a lawyer, Mediation is often less financially and emotionally draining than litigation

Affiliations And Memberships

Law Society of Ontario [LSO]
Middlesex Law Association [MLA]
Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario [FDRIO]
Ontario Association of Family Mediation [OAFM]
Alternate Dispute Resolution of Ontario [ADRIO]

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