Residential Tenancies, Building & Fire Code, and Rental Leasing

Cohen Highley’s Residential Tenancies legal advisors have a proven track record as innovative and effective advocates for landlords in the area of Residential Tenancies law. Our lawyers, rent control consultant and licensed paralegals act exclusively for landlords and have a wealth of experience before the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, Small Claims Court and related Appellate Courts. Our commitment to landlord organizations and advocacy of industry issues at the provincial, regional and local levels has given our legal advisors a distinct edge in providing effective and timely consulting advice and advocacy services. Collectively, we have established dozens of significant, precedent-setting decisions before Housing Tribunals and the courts.


We can help you:

  • Avoid court or Tribunal proceedings through effective negotiations with tenants or tenant associations;
  • Implement property management initiatives legally and in a way that minimizes landlord/tenant conflicts;
  • Plan the timing of major capital or operating cost expenditures in a way to maximize returns under Rent Control rules and minimize liability for rent abatements to tenants;
  • Plan and implement strategies to deal with “problem tenants”;
  • Establish and implement procedures for enforcement of by-laws and rules in Non-Profit Co- operatives and Condominium Corporations;
  • Plan and implement strategies to convert residential rental properties to Condominium status, while ensuring that such a conversion will ultimately make economic sense;
  • Ensure that your management agreements; supplier/contractor agreements; and tenancy agreements are legally and properly drafted for your protection;
  • Obtain above guideline increases based on increased operating costs or capital expenditures;
  • Develop and implement strategies to protect you from breach of obligation claims made under the Residential Tenancies Act; and
  • Manage residential condominium complexes in accordance with the requirements of the Condominium Act.

We have earned a reputation for setting significant legal precedents in Residential Tenancies cases. Our advocates are well known to Tribunal members. We have a reputation at the Tribunal for being well-prepared and thorough in our presentation of our clients’ case. We are also experienced in Superior Court of Ontario proceedings to evict members of Non-Profit Housing Co-operatives and to enforce provisions of the Condominium Act. We take great pride in the winning, innovative traditions we have established in representing owners of multi-residential rental properties.


Our legal advisors specialize in Residential Tenancy law. We are members and active contributors to numerous landlord and housing industry organizations and we understand our clients’ business and practical legal concerns. We have been involved in the drafting and legal review of every Ontario Rent Control, Residential Tenancies and Condominium law enacted between 1986 and the present. We also wrote a leading text on Residential Tenancies law; “A Practical Guide to the Tenant Protection Act”, (Canada Law Book).

Our clients include many prominent property management companies and landlords throughout the Province of Ontario; Institutional clients, including Insurance companies and financial institutions with Residential Tenancies’ holdings; Regional Landlord Associations; hundreds of small landlords and property management companies; and industry organizations.

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Legal Assistant: Valerie Potter (, ext. 360) Paul practises in the firm’s administrative law group with an emphasis on representing property owners in connection with residential tenancies law, municipal planning and zoning, and municipal property assessment appeals.  Paul graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from Brock University. Paul has obtained his paralegal license designation…

Laura practises in the area of administrative law, including condominium, residential tenancies,municipal, planning and zoning, expropriations, and property tax and accessibility law. Laura is a member and active contributor to numerous condominium, development and housing industry organizations.

Joe's main areas of practice include residential tenancies, municipal planning and zoning, expropriations, and property tax assessment appeals. Joe has a wealth of litigation experience before a variety of boards, tribunals, and appellate courts. He is author of "A Practical Guide to the Tenant Protection Act".

Kristin's practice focuses on residential and commercial tenancies, human rights, condominium law and appellate advocacy. She works exclusively for housing providers and landlords with respect to all lease issues. Kristin regularly speaks at property management conferences and teaches human rights training courses to landlords and property managers.

Mark practises in the firm's administrative law department, including condominium law, residential tenancies, municipal law, planning and zoning, expropriations and provincial offences.