Why would someone choose mediation over litigation?

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Announcer: I’m here with Iain Sneddon from Cohen Highley Lawyers.  Now, I understand in addition to being a family law practitioner, you are a mediator as well.
Iain Sneddon: That is true. I conduct family law mediations. I was trained in mediation a number of years ago and I have kept current with my qualifications.
Announcer: Now why would someone choose mediation over litigation?
Iain Sneddon: First, there is the issue of privacy so that you get to resolve the family law issues with a spouse on your own terms and with a great deal of flexibility, whereas in the courtroom you are letting a Judge decide the issue. That Judge is bound by certain legislation and rules that you may not agree with,
Announcer: So, there is more flexibility then?
Iain Sneddon: Much more flexibility. You can be more creative in a mediation setting than you could in a courtroom.
Announcer: And is there a different time frame on mediation versus litigation?
Iain Sneddon: Depending on the availability of the mediator, you could do that immediately, whereas you are looking at often a year before you could have a trial.
Announcer Thank you, Iain. This has been the Cohen Highley legal moment.
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