Do you have a policy in place about Visitors and Deliveries during COVID-19 Pandemic?

multi-residential buildings face unique challenges during the current pandemic.
While the news has offered some encouraging statistics for those of us in
Ontario, residents should be reminded not to loiter and interact with others in
lobbies, hallways, laundry rooms or any other common areas.  Maximum of three people only should be in the
elevator.  Please stay in your unit as
much as possible. Although we all recognize this is a difficult time, we all
have a part to play in stopping the community spread of this virus and
protecting those who live and work within the buildings.

With social-distancing
measures in place and the need to stop the community spread of the COVID-19, tenants
and occupants of high-rise buildings are staying home and are having more and
more packages and deliveries sent directly to their units.  This has led to a significant increase in
non-essential visitors and deliveries to multi-residential buildings and in the
common areas. In response, some landlords, property managers and condominium
corporations have adopted a Policy restricting all non-essential visitors and
deliveries. This includes delivery of food or supplies.

Rather than
buzzing a delivery person into the building, anyone expecting a delivery is
required to meet the delivery at the front entrance doors upon their arrival.
Government approved essential services such as a healthcare worker must still
be permitted to enter units.  Exceptions
should also be made for residents under self-isolation or in quarantine or with
mobility issues, who should continue to be allowed to receive deliveries to
their unit door.  The property manager
should be advised in writing if an individual falls into one of those

We encourage
everyone to restrict and discourage non-essential visitors, such as friends and
family, from entering the building in accordance with Health Canada social
distancing practices. Social distancing is proven to be one of the most
effective ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak. This means all
occupants of the building must make changes in your everyday routines to minimize
close contact with others.

Building staff
and essential service staff working within these buildings are understandably
concerned with being safe while they clean and maintain the complex. All
occupants should be reminded to respect them at all times and keep a minimum of
2 meters (6 feet) away. Any violations of this policy should be immediately
documented and reported to the property manager in writing.

be assured that in keeping with preventative health and safety strategies, the
Landlord/Board and/or property manager are not in a position to enforce these
safety measures unless they receive specific, credible complaints from owners
or residents or otherwise becomes aware of persistent breaches of the policy.

Should the reader require a draft letter to the residents advising of this policy, please feel free to refer to the attached links.  The first link is for Landlords, and the second link is for condominiums.

If you have any questions about this or you require help in drafting an appropriate policy, please feel free to contact our office in London or Kitchener

pdf-icon  Letter to Residents restricting non essential deliveries

pdf-icon  Condo – Letter to Residents re Policy restricting non essential deliveries

pdf-icon  Letter to Residents restricting non essential deliveries

pdf-icon  Condo – Letter to Residents re Policy restricting non essential deliveries

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