Recent Oil Spill Highlights Importance of Pro-active Preventative Measures by Owners of Mobile Home Parks

Owners of a Mobile Home Park in Ontario recently learned first-hand just how important it is for owners to protect themselves from the consequences of spills from oil tanks. What could have been a One Million dollar liability for an owner has turned out to be a One Million dollar liability for a Mobile Home Park resident and the resident’s Insurance Company.

Over the last few years we have stressed the importance of establishing and enforcing compliance with oil tank criteria by residents in Mobile Home Parks. The owners of Mobile Home communities have the right to impose oil tank safety standards in order to protect the land and other residents in the community. In addition to a list of safety measures, tenants can be required to carry liability insurance to cover oil spills. If tenants fail to comply with the standards or convert to another source of heat, the owner has the right to apply for eviction of the tenant (and their home) from the community…

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