Rent Control Bulletin: Some New Suite Metering Rules will Apply to ALL Separately Metered Tenancies

Despite some hydro suppliers’ assertions to the contrary, all landlords whose tenants pay for their own electricity consumption are affected by new Suite Metering Rules under the RTA, regardless of how long separate metering has been in place and regardless of whether the units are condo or fee simple tenure. If there are “tenants” then the new rules will apply effective January 1, 2011.

Effective January 1, 2011 the amendments to the RTA will require that you provide prospective tenants with energy consumption information for the rental unit being applied for if the tenant is required to pay for en suite electricity and the unit is separately metered. The information you are required to provide is the energy consumption for the rental unit for the 12 months prior to “the date the tenancy is entered into” (which based on the industry rental application form will be the 12 month period ending when the rental application is submitted/approved by the landlord). If you provide the refrigerator for the rental unit then you also will have to provide “the date the refrigerator in the rental unit was manufactured” and “the best information available” about the refrigerator…

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