<p>The Landlord and Tenant
Board (LTB) has now posted updated forms to its website: the forms are
necessary following the enactment of Bill 184.&nbsp; IT is highly recommended
that landlords using forms for termination, etc. use the current
“prescribed: forms because using outdated forms places you at risk of
having your follow up application dismissed.&nbsp; The new forms are effective
immediately and can be accessed by going to the LTB’s website or at this <a href=”http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001XXAb8-kt9iYXF_up7Exp3CZRkw3cK-89on-sdNChh69ni7GOuLyUnK-B5XdmiGoRLqpyxulO-jLJFNiWgFtgq5vI3SX1JRJ-Ht9N2XqO7dAQbSBnlYjX7bxyyxDLZtb6mue8W7s9dLTQX_N48_bgJWA5T4-knUfcMY38Q0Ac3TZ-1kBtTqt3-3lnrFvOpPHPs84-W8YkHEkOv6R_M9QFjw==&amp;c=6Th6dIaKWF7NhuFGBEbL0xLQOR0-nWSajH34jPSX_xRIezIHEtpNEw==&amp;ch=zw22N6LW0BatlfGlpQERcWBcUFlqS86-e_cKhD0Yf8ozgvYSb8dnzA==” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>link</a>.&nbsp;</p>


<p>The LTB has also issued
a press release with updates as to the processing of applications by landlords
and tenants.&nbsp; A copy of the content of the release is as follows:&nbsp;</p>

<h4>LTB | July 30, 2020<br>
Landlord and Tenant Board Expanding Services While Keeping Ontarians Safe
During COVID-19 Recovery</h4>


<p>Today the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) announced it is
gradually expanding services in August. However, all in-person service counters
remain closed until further notice. </p>


<p>Effective August 1, 2020, the LTB

<ul><li>Begin to issue eviction orders that are pending;</li><li>Start to issue consent eviction orders which are based
on landlord and tenants settling their dispute through an agreement;</li><li>Continue to hear urgent eviction matters related to
health and safety that are scheduled;</li><li>Start to schedule hearings for non-urgent evictions;
and</li><li>Conduct non-urgent eviction hearings starting in
mid-August and into the fall.</li></ul>


<p>As services gradually resume, the
LTB is strengthening its ability to deliver fair, effective and timely services
during the COVID-19 outbreak by:</p>

<ul><li>Holding hearings by videoconference, phone or in
writing.</li><li>Encouraging landlords and tenants to discuss a
settlement prior to an eviction application hearing with an adjudicator.</li><li>Expanding the use of Case Management Hearings to
include most eviction applications filed by landlords that do not include rent
arrears.</li><li>Recruiting and training adjudicators to resume full


<p>”Today, we are announcing
the expansion of services at the Landlord and Tenant Board to address the
effects of COVID-19 and the needs of tenants and landlords,” said Sean
Weir, Executive Chair at Tribunals Ontario. “The impact of COVID-19 is
resulting in a variety of challenges for Ontario’s families. While we do our
part to provide efficient and effective dispute resolution services, we are
asking landlords and tenants to work together to try to reach an agreement to
settle their disputes.”</p>

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