Articling at Cohen Highley

Articling students are an integral part of the process of growth at Cohen Highley LLP. Our evolution as a firm depends upon a solid group of students. The firm has developed an articling program that will benefit the student, while providing for our firm’s future. What follows is an outline of the program.

Our Articling Program

Cohen Highley LLP offers articling students a formal rotation system which gives them exposure to a wide variety of areas of law including:

Mentor Program

Each articling student is assigned to one of our associate lawyers for the articling year.  The program creates the opportunity for the student and mentor to meet regularly to discuss progress to date, student’s expectations, the articling experience, as well as any questions or problems which may arise.

Student Lecture Program

Cohen Highley LLP conducts student lectures on a variety of subjects during the articling year.  The program, which begins early in the articling process, is designed to give the articling student insight into different areas of practice, as well as an overview of proceedings in these areas.  The lecture topics range from file organization, legal research and writing, to tactics on examinations.

Facilities and Support

Cohen Highley LLP employs a number of law clerks and a rent review consultant.  In addition, the articling students have access to experienced legal assistants.  There is an excellent library in the office and, when necessary, the University of Western Ontario Law Library and Middlesex Law Association Library are available.  Cohen Highley LLP is equipped with the latest computer technologies with access to local online resources as well as to Westlaw Canada.

Our office is located on the 11th floor of One London Place, and all members of the firm have access to the London Life cafeteria and lounge situated across the street.

Student Responsibilities

Cohen Highley LLP recognizes that “hands-on” experience is an important part of the learning process.  Students are given the following responsibilities during their articling year at the firm:

  • Complete carriage of Small Claims Court files;
  • Attendance before Administrative Tribunals;
  • Assisting and working with lawyers on files
  • Investigation, interviewing and legal research;
  • Drafting pleadings, motion records and other proceedings;
  • Attending on motions;
  • Conducting examinations and cross examinations;
  • Incorporation of companies; and
  • Drafting wills and assisting in estate administration.

Students also attend with lawyers on trials, appeals, examinations, motions, pre-trial conferences, preliminary hearings and other matters.

Every effort is made to accommodate a student’s special interests in particular areas of practice, and to allow students to follow the progress of files they have worked on.


At Cohen Highley LLP, you will find our compensation and benefits package among the best in Southwestern Ontario. The firm also pays the full tuition fees for the bar admission course regardless of hire back.

Your Future

Cohen Highley LLP has grown substantially since 1974, and it is our intention to continue that quality growth in the future.

Articling students play a substantial role in our plans for the future.  It is our preference and practice to invite suitable students to join the firm as associate lawyers.  Our hiring history proves it and our future depends on it.

Cohen Highley LLP is committed to providing an excellent articling experience to students – we take our teaching role very seriously.  We endeavour to provide a well-rounded and extensive program to students, which will stand them in good stead upon their return to the firm as associate lawyers, or in the pursuit of their careers elsewhere.

Applications – Articling 2022-2023 

Cohen Highley has hired our Articling Students for 2022-2023. Please check our website for future hiring guidelines.

Inquiries regarding, and applications to, the articling/summer student program at Cohen Highley LLP should be directed to the attention of:

Ken Fraser, Hiring Committee
One London Place, 255 Queens Avenue, 11th Floor
London, Ontario N6A 5R8

For further details about the articling experience at Cohen Highley LLP, please reach out to one of our 2021-2022 articling students.

Kevin Kok –

Matthew Rynen –

Liam Thompson –


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