Anything businesses should know about advertising on social media?

November 2020

Legal Moment on FRESH RADIO


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Receptionist: Cohen Highley
Announcer: And now the Cohen Highley Legal Moment on Fresh Radio.
Announcer: I’m here with Stephanie Marentette-DiBattista from Cohen Highley Lawyers.  Anything businesses should know about advertising on social media?
Stephanie Marentette-DiBattista: Any promotional posts you make on social media for your business are effectively advertising which means the same rules apply in terms of the need to communicate honestly and not to mislead the public.
Announcer: What if someone else says it on your behalf?
Stephanie Marentette-DiBattista: That depends.  If a consumer or customer is giving honest reviews or commentary, that’s fine.  But if the person posting it receives remuneration in any form for posting about your business, such as a social media influencer, your business could be held responsible for the post.
Announcer: What if you say something or an influencer does cross a line.  Is it just the affected customer that can hold your business responsible?
Stephanie Marentette-DiBattista: Not necessarily.  There are several regulators, such as the Competition Bureau, that set advertising standards and regulations and they can also sanction businesses that engage in false and misleading advertising.
Announcer: Thanks Stephanie. This has been the Cohen Highley Legal Moment.
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