Construction Liens

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Announcer: I’m here with Stephanie Marentette DiBattista from Cohen Highley Lawyers.  How do construction liens work?
Stephanie Marentette Di Battista Construction liens can be registered by anyone who has not been paid for work or materials provided for home building, construction or renovations.  This includes everything from constructions companies, skilled tradesmen and suppliers.
Announcer: Who are the liens placed against?
Stephanie Marentette Di Battista So let’s say a roofer has re-shingled a house and hasn’t been paid.  The roofer could register a lien against the building as well as the person or company who hired him.  Alternatively, let’s say that the shingle supplier was not paid.  The supplier would also be in a position to register a lien.
Announcer: And if the homeowner ignores the lien?
Stephanie Marentette Di Battista So the lien secures the outstanding debt similar to a mortgage.  If and when the homeowner tries to sell the home, the unpaid lien amount would have to be paid to the lien claimant before the deal could close.  Also, any unresolved lien could also give rise to litigation.
Announcer: Thanks Stephanie. This has been the Cohen Highley Legal Moment.
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