What is a “MIG” injury?

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Announcer: I’m with Brad Stone from Cohen Highley Lawyers.  If you’ve been in a motor vehicle injury and have a MIG injury, what is that?
Brad Stone: The term MIG stands for minor injury guideline and is one of the three injury classifications in Ontario statutory accident benefits schedule. The other two are non catastrophic and catastrophic. For an injury to be categorized as a MIG injury it would be among the least severe injuries.

Examples would be injuries such as dislocations, contusions, sprains, strains,  and lacerations.

Announcer: How much treatment money is available for MIG injuries?
Brad Stone: The maximum MIG benefit is $3500.
Announcer: So if someone has a MIG motor vehicle injury, should they contact a lawyer?
Brad Stone: I would. Often what initially seems to be minor injuries can develop into serious injuries. There is also a concern that you may have been classified as a MIG injury in error and a good personal injury lawyer may be able to have you put in a higher classification, which will open you up too much more treatment money.
Announcer: Thanks Brad. This has been the Cohen Highley Legal Moment.
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