What is collaborative law?

December 2020

Legal Moment on FRESH RADIO


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Announcer: I’m with Kim Doucett from Cohen Highley Lawyers. What is collaborative law?
Kim Doucett: Collaborative law is a voluntary method of resolving relationship breakdowns where you, your partner and each of your own lawyers work together to resolve your legal issues out of Court.
Announcer: Out of Court?
Kim Doucett: Correct. Both parties sign an agreement committing to the collaborative process outside of the Court system. This, among other things, helps create an environment where the focus is on cooperation, productive open discussions and full disclosure, while at the same time still considering everyone’s legal rights and obligations. The other benefit is that this process allows decisions to be made mutually rather than by a Judge.
Announcer: What if one party decides they are unhappy with the collaborative law process and wants to go to Court?
Kim Doucett: They can at that point end the process but their collaborative lawyer will not represent them through the Court process.
Announcer: What is the success rate of collaborative law cases?
Kim Doucett: 87% of reported cases were successfully resolved.
Announcer Thank you, Kim. This has been the Cohen Highley legal moment. cohenhighley.com
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