What is family law mediation?

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Announcer: I’m here with Iain Sneddon from Cohen Highley Lawyers.  Now I understand you are a family law mediator as well as family law lawyer. What is family law mediation?
Iain Sneddon: Mediation is a private process where I would meet with individuals with or without their lawyers in my offices and I try to help them come to a deal outside of the Court system.
Announcer: What type of couples would be best suited for family law mediation?
Iain Sneddon: Those were there is not a power imbalance that can’t be overcome or domestic violence. Those individuals who want to negotiate a fair deal on their own terms and outside of the Court process.
Announcer: So, a more civil situation then?
Iain Sneddon: Yes. There might be some animosity but animosity that can still be overcome with reason.
Announcer Thank you, Iain. This has been the Cohen Highley legal moment. cohenhighley.com
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