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How Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Impact Accident Victims When a person sustains traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), each area of their life could be profoundly impacted. Accident survivors who have acquired TBIs often develop physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms that could affect their overall quality of life for years following their injury. The effects of a TBI can be permanent and can affect both accident victims and their loved ones. To learn more, click here. Read More >
Purchasing a Condo? Here’s What to Expect For many Ontarians, purchasing a home is a major milestone. Singles, couples, and families who decide to purchase a suite in a condominium may, understandably, feel like they are beginning an exciting new chapter in their lives. However, purchasing a condo comes with unique conditions and responsibilities. Sometimes the excitement of starting fresh in a new home can be undermined by confusion, lack of preparation, and complicated questions. Read More >
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A Guide to Domestic Contracts A domestic contract is a general term for a written agreement made between two people who are cohabiting in or cohabited in a marriage-like relationship. The gender of the couple is irrelevant. They generally address financial matters and the couple’s ownership of property, but they can address additional matters depending on the circumstances. Read More >

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