Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between shareholders and close business partners can lead to rifts in the working relationship, the dissolution of their business enterprise, and a diminished level of investor confidence. Resolving shareholder disputes often requires skillful, sensitive, and stalwart negotiation tactics.

The commercial litigation team at Cohen Highley LLP recognizes that shareholder disputes can lead to financial losses as well as the breakdown of close business relationships. That is why our team of lawyers endeavours to find solutions that are amenable to all shareholders involved, to minimize financial expenditures, and to create provisions for avoiding additional disputes in the future.

Shareholder disputes can occur for a number of reasons, including fraud, violation of agreements, breach of fiduciary duties, oppression of minority shareholders, and other disagreements. With the assistance of lawyers from Cohen Highley LLP, disputing shareholders may attempt to find an acceptable resolution through a variety of methods.

Cohen Highley LLP has experience representing their clients’ best interests while attempting to resolve shareholder disputes through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. If disputes cannot be resolved through these methods, the commercial lawyers at Cohen Highley LLP employ the skills they have cultivated through combined decades of experience by representing their clients’ interests during the ensuing litigation process.

To learn more about how Cohen Highley LLP may be able to help you resolve your dispute in an expedient, cost-effective manner, book a consultation today.

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