Shareholder Agreements

Although a company’s shareholders are not legally required to enter into agreements about their rights and responsibilities, it is standard practice for shareholders to agree to certain terms in a legally binding document. By agreeing to several important provisions, shareholders can reduce the risk of disputes with each other in the future.

These agreements often include the company as a partner, in addition to its individual shareholders. These important documents outline obligations shareholders have to their company, as well as to each other. Given the importance of these contracts, we encourage prospective clients to take advantage of our commercial litigation services when creating or reviewing a shareholder agreement.

Cohen Highley LLP has decades of experience outlining and analyzing shareholders agreements for corporations of all sizes. Additionally, our commercial litigation team is prepared to clarify the terms and provisions of agreements for individual clients, and if necessary, negotiate new agreement terms on their behalf.

After thoroughly reviewing shareholder agreements, our team of commercial litigation lawyers may also be able to advise clients of any potential risks regarding share valuation, transfers, rights of first refusal, non-compete/non-solicit rules, and other pertinent issues that have the potential to be the subjects of future dispute.

For important assistance with your shareholder agreement, contact Cohen Highley LLP today.

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