Wills and Estates

Although will and estate planning can be a complex undertaking for some clients, for most clients, preparing a will or powers of attorney is not quite as difficult as you may fear. The same is the case for administering estates. At Cohen Highley, we can meet our clients’ wills and estates needs efficiently and inexpensively.


We can often take initial wills and powers of attorney instructions by phone, and clarify during that initial conversation what issues may need to be discussed more fully with family members or partners before preparing draft documents. Draft documents can be sent out to the client for review and any questions or concerns can also be addressed by phone if time is at a premium for the client.

When satisfactory drafts are in hand and all questions answered, all that is required to complete the service is a brief office attendance where we will do a final review and then ensure that the documents are properly executed and witnessed. Clients must remember that wills are designed to direct the administration of their affairs only after their death.

Most clients will also consider preparing powers of attorney at the same time to handle their affairs in the event that they should become incapable during their lifetime. In that unfortunate situation, the designated attorney (often the same person or persons who are appointed as estate trustees in your will), will be empowered to look after your financial affairs (continuing power of attorney for property) and your health care decisions (power of attorney for personal care). Preparation of these additional documents can often be handled in the same manner as the preparation of wills.

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