Child Custody

When the relationship between two parents breaks down, they must decide how their parental rights and responsibilities will be divided or shared. Separating or divorcing parents often have the best interests of their children in mind when making difficult decisions regarding child custody and parental visitation rights. However, in certain cases, disputes over parental rights can become volatile.

Divorcing or separating parents are required to make important choices regarding the division of child custody, access, and decision-making responsibilities. With legal assistance from the family law team at Cohen Highley LLP, parents may be able to confidently proceed through various stages of mediation, arbitration, or litigation with the assurance that their legal representative is advocating for their child’s best interests.

Negotiations and disputes over child custody and access are often emotionally challenging for both parents. At Cohen Highley LLP, we appreciate the importance of listening to our clients, providing compassionate legal assistance, and persistently advocating for the best interests of our client’s children.

The family law team at Cohen Highley LLP has combined decades of experience in custody matters and have helped countless Ontarians protect the safety and well-being of their children.

To discuss your situation with a member of our family law team, book a consultation with Cohen Highley LLP today.

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