Spousal and Child Support

Cohen Highley LLP has combined decades of experience advocating on behalf of divorced or separated couples and parents receiving spousal and/or child support.

All dependent children have the legal right to financial support from their parents. After a divorce or separation, parents continue to have a financial obligation to their children. Furthermore, parents may be entitled to receive spousal support payment from their former partner to prevent them from enduring financial hardships as a result of their divorce or separation, or to compensate them for ongoing childcare-related responsibilities.

The individual cost of spousal support and child support payment are determined in accordance with federal guidelines. Advice and assistance from a lawyer can be critical for parents or spouses who require support payments from their former partner. If the former couple is unable to reach an agreement about the required support payment amounts, the assistance of a family lawyer may be beneficial during ensuing negotiations. At Cohen Highley LLP, our family law team advocates on behalf of our clients’ individual needs, and represents their best interests throughout mediation, arbitration and, if necessary, litigation in court.

Support payments are enforced by the Family Responsibility Office. However, when circumstances change and support payments need to be re-evaluated, Cohen Highley LLP may be able to effectively and efficiently assist their clients through a re-negotiation process.

To learn more about the ways in which our family law team may be able to help you with your child or spousal support claim, contact Contact Highley LLP today.

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