Disability Claims

Cohen Highley LLP’s disability lawyers have helped numerous clients in Southwestern Ontario with their disability claims (LTD claims) and provided legal assistance to clients struggling to navigate the often-confusing technicalities of insurance policies. We appreciate the importance of disability benefits to people who are no longer able to work because of their medical conditions, and the financial stress a disputed claim can cause. We work on behalf of injured clients to find effective solutions as quickly as possible with respect to their LTD claims.

Employees that can no longer work because of disabling medical conditions, including severe injuries, chronic illnesses, and serious mental health issues may be eligible to collect disability benefits. Provided they have the appropriate level of insurance coverage, disabled workers may come to rely on disability claims for financial stability. A disability lawyer can help with navigating the complexities of advancing a rejected disability claim from their insurance provider. 

Unforutnately, a disproportionate number of disability claims submitted to Canadian insurance providers are routinely disputed or denied each year. For people who are physically or mentally unable to return to work because of their medical conditions, the prospect of trying to appeal a denied disability claim can seem daunting and complicated.

Our legal team has experience helping LTD claimants in the following ways:

  • Reviewing and clarifying the terms of individual insurance policies
  • Determining clients’ eligibility for disability benefits according to the terms of their insurance plan
  • Assisting clients with the preparation of disability claims
  • Reviewing and responding to claim denials
  • Filing internal appeals to insurance companies to overturn denied claims
  • Compiling and submitting thorough medical documentation to substantiate the client’s claim
  • Ensuring all relevant filing deadlines are met
  • Filing a lawsuit against the insurer for unfairly denying a disability claim
  • Appealing an insurance provider’s decision to prematurely terminate disability benefits
  • Representing disabled clients in arbitration with courts and tribunals
  • Quantifying the total amount of damages owed to their clients for unpaid benefits and other financial losses resulting from their disputed claim
  • Advocating on behalf of their client in court
  • And more

Contact Our Disability Lawyers For a Free Consultation

The legal team at Cohen Highley LLP has decades of combined experience dealing with insurance companies. For over 45 years, members of our legal team have advocated on behalf of disabled workers whose benefits were unfairly denied or prematurely terminated by their insurance provider. Although standing up to insurance companies may seem like a difficult task, our experience in this field gives us unique insights into the tactics used by insurance providers to avoid paying policyholders the benefits they are legitimately owed.

Often, people filing disability claims may find themselves in precarious financial circumstances arising from their inability to return to work. Cohen Highley LLP offers free consultations to our prospective LTD clients. If you decide not to pursue legal action against your insurance provider after meeting with us, you will not be out of pocket for the cost of the initial consultation. We encourage anyone with questions about their disability claim or the application process to take advantage of our team’s experience by scheduling a free consultation with us today.

Contact Cohen Highley LLP today for a free, initial case assessment and receive important legal advice from our experienced personal injury team. 

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