Estate Litigation

Disputes over estate distribution are often personal, emotional, and difficult to resolve amicably. Cohen Highley LLP understands the need for sensitivity, patience, and persistence when representing clients in estate litigation.

Estate litigation can be a time-consuming and costly process. For that reason, Cohen Highley LLP endeavours to resolve estate disputes through mediation or arbitration. However, in certain unavoidable circumstances, the only way to resolve estate conflicts is by taking the matter to trial. Cohen Highley LLP is committed to representing the best interests of our clients and advocating on their behalf throughout the process of litigation.

Estate disputes often arise for a number of different reasons. Some clients may seek the assistance of a lawyer to challenge a Will or to clarify a Will’s ambiguous or unclear terms. Others may require help removing an executor or estate trustee in breach of their duties, contesting a power of attorney, disputing gifts or loans distributed by the deceased prior to their passing, and other complicated, emotionally taxing issues.

The estate law team at Cohen Highley LLP appreciates the difficult positions of clients involved in estate disputes. Our team is committed to prioritizing the needs of each individual client and fighting for their best interests through each stage of estate litigation. Due to the emotionally challenging nature of these disputes, our team endeavours to provide straightforward, compassionate, and reliable legal assistance.

To discuss your estate dispute with a member of our legal team today, contact Cohen Highley LLP.

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