Divorce and Separation

The end of a romantic relationship can be one of the most turbulent experiences two people may endure in their lifetimes. While many couples come to the decision to end their relationship together in a mature and even-tempered fashion, it is rare for a divorce or separation to be a dispassionate experience. During this emotionally difficult time in their lives, separating couples must be able to feel like they can rely on their lawyer to advocate for their best interests.

The family law team at Cohen Highley LLP has combined decades of experience helping people navigate the challenging process of filing for divorce or entering into a separation agreement with their partner. Our lawyers understand the importance of listening to our clients so that we can best represent their needs. We are prepared to offer sensitive advice tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances and priorities.

Cohen Highley LLP’s family lawyers will endeavour to make the process as straightforward, cost-effective, and peaceful as possible. Many family law disputes can be resolved in private mediation and arbitration. However, sometimes solutions can only be found in court. In either situation, the family lawyers at Cohen Highley LLP are prepared to advocate on behalf of our clients’ needs.

To discuss your situation with our family law team, book a consultation with Cohen Highley LLP today.

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