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At the end of a relationship, navigating what happens next doesn’t have to be overwhelming or adversarial. At Cohen Highley LLP, we are invested in limiting the time, expense and frustration that is associated with your divorce, separation or other family law conflict. Arbitration is a private form of binding adjudication that resembles the court process. It is a good option for separating couples who prefer to choose their adjudicator and for those who value the confidentiality of a private arbitration rather than the traditional court litigation process.

This legal proceeding takes place outside of a courtroom. The arbitrator acts like a judge. While remaining impartial, the arbitrator allows each person the opportunity to present their position.

What an arbitrator can decide:

  • Property
  • Child and Spousal Support Parenting time
  • Decision-making responsibility of children

Why choose arbitration?

  1. Flexibility – the timeline and is conducive to your schedule;
  2. Cost Effective – avoid unnecessary court and legal fees associated with attending court;
  3. Time Effective – while the time-frame depends upon the facts of the case, arbitration generally offers greater efficiency given the current delays in court due to COVID19;
  4. Shared Control – both parties decide on the arbitrator, date and location the hearing will be held;
  5. Confidentiality – testimony, documents and evidence are not made public

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Middlesex Law Association [MLA]
Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario [FDRIO]
Ontario Association of Family Mediation [OAFM]
Alternate Dispute Resolution of Ontario [ADRIO]

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