Making or Revoking a Will

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[phone ringing]
Receptionist: Cohen Highley
Announcer: Another Cohen Highley Legal Moment on FM96.
Announcer: I’m here with Megan Jenner from Cohen Highley Lawyers.  What should someone know about making a Will?
Megan Jenner: The maker of the Will is known as the testator.  For a Will to be enforceable upon his or her death, several formalities must be met.
Announcer: Okay, give me an example of some of these formalities.
Megan Jenner: The Will must be made in writing and be signed by the testator at the end of the document.  The Will also needs to be signed in front of two witnesses who were present at the same time.
Announcer: Okay, now they both must be there at the same time?
Megan Jenner: Correct.  In addition to that, the two witnesses must also sign the Will in the testator’s presence.
Announcer: Now how does someone go about revoking a Will?
Megan Jenner: Creating a new Will that expresses your intention to revoke your previous Will or thoroughly destroying your old Will with the intention to revoke it will negate your previous Will.  Getting married also revokes your current Will.
Announcer: Thanks Megan. This has been the Cohen Highley Legal Moment.
Singers: Cohen Highley, we’re listening.

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