What are delayed accident symptoms?


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Announcer: I’m here with Matt Reid from Cohen Highley Lawyers.  What are delayed accident symptoms?
Matt Reid: After a motor vehicle accident humans naturally produce adrenaline which can mask injuries for hours, days or even weeks.  You can be seriously injured but because of the adrenaline you feel fine only to start having problems later on.
Announcer: What are the symptoms?
Matt Reid: Headaches are a big one as is neck, shoulder, back and abdominal pain or swelling.  Numbness in your arms or hands as well as emotional issues and even post-traumatic stress can also be potential signs of much bigger problems.
Announcer: Any advice you can give?
Matt Reid: After an accident, don’t assume that just because you aren’t in pain that you aren’t hurt.  You should still seek medical attention.  Also do not tell insurance adjusters or companies that you are fine.  If any of the symptoms I mentioned appear in the weeks following the accident, immediately follow up with your doctor
Announcer: Thanks Matt. This has been the Cohen Highley Legal Moment.
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