Who can register a construction lien?

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Announcer: I’m with Christian Jannetta from Cohen Highley Lawyers. Who can register a construction lien?
Christian Jannetta: Anyone who provides labor or materials to an improvement to a property has an automatic right to a construction lien against that property. A claim for lien can be made when such a party is not fully paid for their work.
Announcer: So what qualifies as an improvement?
Christian Jannetta: An improvement is something that benefits or increases the value of land, such as construction, renovation,  alteration, or demolition. To qualify as an improvement, the project must be of a permanent nature.
Announcer: What impact does a lien have?
Christian Jannetta: A lien is a charge on the title of the property that secures any outstanding payments for work done on the improvement. It’s a powerful remedy. It will impact an owners ability to sell or refinance the property, and a successful lien claimant can ultimately apply to have the property sold and collect its account from the sale proceeds.
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