What are the most common sources of problems for condo owners?

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Announcer: I’m with Stephanie Sutherland from Cohen Highley Lawyers. What do you find are the most common sources of problems for condo owners?
Stephanie Sutherland: The majority of the time it comes down to pets, parking, and people.
Announcer: Give me examples.
Stephanie Sutherland: Often small things become contentious. Are pets allowed? If so, how many can you have? Are people cleaning up after their pets? With parking, how many spots do you have? Can guests park on the property? Can they park overnight? If so, for how many days?
Announcer: And people?
Stephanie Sutherland: While people comprises many issues, the most common are noise issues. When living in close proximity to your neighbors everything is more acute.
Announcer: Any suggestions for condo owners dealing with issues?
Stephanie Sutherland: Review your condo’s declaration, bylaws, and rules to ensure your issues are legitimate. Next, notify the condo board and writing. Condo boards are obligated to enforce condo rules and regulations, so the next step should be an investigation by the board. If that doesn’t solve your issue, contact a lawyer.
Announcer: Thanks Stephanie. This has been the Cohen Highley Legal Moment.
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