Why should everyone have a will?

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Why should everyone have a will?

Joe Zangari: A will is a critical estate planning document that outlines your wishes when you pass away. Wills often include how your assets are to be distributed, who will administer your will, who you want caring for your dependent’s, and much more.
Announcer: Is it necessary to have a will in Ontario?
Joe Zangari: There are no legal requirements that you have one, but if you don’t your estate will be administered and distributed according to Ontario’s intestacy laws.
Announcer: And this is a bad thing?
Joe Zangari: You won’t have a say in who receives your property and other assets. Plus, dying without a will often makes life more complicated for your survivors.
Announcer: How so?
Joe Zangari: A will simplifies things for survivors. Beyond helping to streamline the tax process, dying without a will often leaves your loved ones and a complicated time consuming, expensive and even contentious situation.
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