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Living Together While Legally Separated A marriage or common-law relationship is considered separated when the relationship has ended and often when one spouse moves out of the home. However, couples do not have to live physically apart to be considered separated in Ontario. This blog answers commonly asked questions about couples living together while legally separated. Read more. Read More >
How Does Child Support Work in Ontario? There are several ways a child support agreement can be put into place. A mediator or a family lawyer who has experience in child support matters may assist the parents to come to an agreement outside of court. When child support disputes are forced to go to family court, seeking legal guidance can be a valuable resource to help navigate the difficult process. Read More >
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Who Gets The Pets During A Divorce in Ontario? One of the many concerns that divorcing spouses face is who will care for the pets following the divorce or separation. In some circumstances, the solution will be obvious. Read more on this topic. Read More >
The difference between separation and divorce Read more on the difference between separation and divorce in Ontario as discussed by our London family lawyers. Read More >

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